Photographic Guides
Like all electrical connections, a visual inspection is no guarantee of performance. Crimped or bolted connections cannot be inspected visually, but ZINOWELD connections can be visually inspected and provide an indication of the quality of the weld. Visual inspection is recommended as a practical minimum.
Use the photographs on the following pages as a guide to visual inspection. ZINOWELD connections are normally rated as good,acceptable or reject.
A good connection is a normal weld with only minor surface imperfections.
An acceptable connection is a less than normal weld, but a good performing weld. Imperfections indicate that 1) a new mold is required, 2) a change in procedure is necessary, or 3) the proper mold conductor and/or welding material should be used.
A reject connection shows inadequate fill or an extra high riser due to 1) use of incorrect procedure, 2) use of incorrect equipment and/or equipment worn beyond its useful life, or 3) use of incorrect material.