Polarization Cell
Polarization cell protects against induced AC current and ground fault current on buried pipelines. Polarization cells permit low-level voltage of cathodic protection to uniform flow and prevent hazardous voltages.
Liquid Polarization cell consist of multiple plates of steel arranged, fixed and immersed in 30% KOH (Potassium Hydroxide) solution.
Specially selected oil layer stop the evaporation of solution to some extend.
It is advisable to verify the solution level periodically.

Polarization cell is fitted in transparent body to check solution level.
Normal storage of cell does not have any internal voltage and act as a grounding switch in presence of high voltage.

Polarization cell works on electrochemical principle.
Installed plates with large surface area polarize and allow in developing safe DC voltage suitable for cathodic protection.
As the voltage increases from DC or AC voltage, the polarization film breaks and polarization cell conduct current.

Specially designed polarization cells have properties to retain solution level to the maximum period with specially
added floating oil.
Polarization cells are designed to protect personnel and equipment from electrical disturbances.
The polarization cells are rated from 5KA to 100KA AC fault capacities in 5KA steps.
The other type of polarization cell is soli State device, Used in safe or hazardous area.
AC fault current is 7, 10, 15, 20, 35, 50 & 70 KA.