High Silicon Cast Iron Rod Anodes
High silicon cast iron anodes have been used for more than 4 decades in the underground corrosion protection of structures.
During this period of time, the anodes have proved one of the most profitable cathodic protection materials. This has led to a long demand for these products.
Solid cast anodes of solid chromium ferrosilicon can be used on soil and water. Its chemical composition (Table 1) causes the anode work effectively in saline environments, brackish water and other environments containing saline environments, brackish water and other environments containing chloride ions. The anodes also operate very well in deep well and underground applications where usually hydrogen gases are generated.

The anodes can be installed with back fill or bare, the use of back fill improves the efficiency on applications in non aqueous lands.
The back fill increases the discharge area and decrease consumption rate.

The routine type of this Anode mention in table 2

Mixed metal oxide (MMO) anode has become the industry standard where reliable performance and long life is paramount. With the additional advantages of light weight, variety of sizes, configurations and good electrical connectivity, MMO offers an ideal choice for the Corrosion Engineer for many varied applications.
Mixed Metal Oxide Coating has been designed for use in all cathodic protection applications.

The MMO coating consists of mainly IrO2/Ta2O5 and is suitable for use in soils, carbonaceous back fill, fresh and brackish water, seawater and concrete. Operating parameters are varied for each parameter and are tabled below.

The titanium substrate remains constant throughout the design life of the anode is manufactured using titanium which meets
ASTM B338 Grade 1 or 2 Standards.

MMO Tubular Anode
MMO tubular anodes have an extremely low consumption rate.
The titanium substrate remains constant throughout the design life of the anode.
The anodes are resin filled and helium tested for an effective seal of the connection.

The cable end of the anode is protected with a Teflon sleeve.

Tubular anodes are center connected and tested for resistance (less than 0.001 ohms). A variety of cable types and sizes are available. Several anodes may be fitted to a single cable to form a string of anodes for use in deep well ground beds.

MMO Ribbon Anode
MMO Ribbon Anode Usage for Reinforced Concrete Structures & Tank Bottoms.

MMO Wire Anode
Tank Bottoms, Tank Internals, Pipeline Internals, Canister Anodes,Continuous Horizontal Ground beds, Discontinuous Horizontal Ground beds, Shallow Vertical Ground beds, Deep Anode Ground beds.


MMO Mesh Anode
Anode ribbon mesh is composed of a precious metal oxide catalyst sintered to an expanded Titanium mesh substrate.
The Anode Ribbon Mesh is used as a key component in the Cathodic Protection of Reinforced Concrete Structures.