Operation of the starting apparatus to lightning ESE


The action develops in three steps :

1.ESE accumulates charge :
The element called “Charger” is designed to accumulate natural ions in the “Central Inductive System” (patented).
This accumulation happens as quickly and in the same proportions as the increase in power of the ambient electric field generated by an upward tracer.









2.ESE creates an electric field on a tremedous scale :
At the same time, thanks to the “Central Inductive System” and the “Voltage Boosters”, ESE creates a huge electrical field the charge of which is opposed to that of the natural electric field in presence and stimulates the “Harness head”.According to their quantity,the “Priming poles” multiply the efficiency of the priming.
3.Harnessing and conduction by ESE :
The priming of ESE system attracts the upward tracer and creates the “lightning strike” conditions. Then the “Harness tip” leads the lightning current through its axis toward the ground conductors.