Residential & Comercial Application

With the advent of on-grid solar kit, we can be more convenient to apply green solar energy. Because of rising electricity prices, more and more people want to own their own home solar power plant. They also gradually realize investing photovoltaic power plants, is risk-free and high return. So if you want to construct your own solar power system, Please contact us.
Zino On-grid Solar System Kits are excellent solutions for residential PV installations, it is designed to meet most roof conditions and pre-configured with major components, which simplifies your purchase source, saves overall cost and time. Our On-gird Solar Kit is especially installation-friendly due to the modular structure and several sub kit. Zino will provide a full range of on-grid solar system kit to meet different countries, different output power requirement, You can choice by your local standards and rated output power. The following introduction is about Solar Kits for Australia standard.