ZINO copper bond earth rods offer installers the most economical method of achieving a low earth resistance.
Each rod has a high tensile strength, low carbon steel core. 99.95% pure copper is applied electrolytically and
forms a metallurgical bond between the steel core and the copper. This combination makes the rod ideal for deep
driving whilst also provides lasting resistance to colds are formed by a cold rolling process which ensures strength
and maintains the molecularly bonded copper covering along the full length of the threads. Cold rolled threads
are stronger than cut threads. The standard copper thickness is 0.25mm. Greater copper22 thicknesses are also available.



Threaded Couplings
These Zino high strength couplings are used for joining copper bond threaded earth rods together. They facilitate deep
driving and ensure continual contact between the rods both during and after installation. The coupling also protects the earth rod threads during installation with the threaded driving head. There is a lead-in for ease of assembly and a hex on the outside for grip and keeping the coupling tight when driving into the ground. All Zino couplings are manufactured from a high copper content alloy ensuring excellent corrosion resistance.









Threaded Driving Heads
These Zino reusable threaded driving heads are suitable for driving copper bond threaded earth rods by hand or with a power hammer. The driving head screws into the threaded coupling to allow deep driving of the earth rods.


Special Driving Heads
These special driving heade enable copper bond to be driven in to the reound.


Driving Spikes
These driving spikes enable copper bond earth rods to be driven easily into the ground.