Site Survey
1. Soil study
1.1 Soil resistivity test (Wenner Four-Electrode Method)
1.2 Soil pH test
1.3 Oil SRB test (Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria)

2. Current systems survey
2.1. Dielectric withstand test
2.2. Covering resistance test
2.3. Anode bed resistance test
2.4. Earth resistance system survey and its focus on the cathodic protection system
3. Effect of the overhead power line survey on the buried structures

Designing Phase
Based on the gained experience and the use of the relevant NACE standards, the appropriate methods for the protection of the following structures were selected, and the calculations and tables were validated by different methods.

1. Underground pipelines
2. Ground storage tanks (AST)
3. Underground storage tanks (UST)
4. Submarine pipelines
5. Oil and gas wells
6. Columns, piles, docks, and marine structures
7. Gas pressure reducing and booster stations (GPRS & GPBS)
8. Concrete structures

Setup and Testing
1. Dielectric withstand test by the data logger
2. Anode bed resistance test
3- DCVG and ACVG