Handle Clamps
They are designed to handle the moulds allowing to open and
close them safely.
There are different types of handle clamps depending on the31
mould size and shape.








Cartridges Aan Discs
Each plastic container holds the aluminothermic powder at one
end (coloured cover) and the starting powder at the other one
(black cover).Close the tap hole with the metallic disc before to
dump the aluminothermic powder into the crucible.32







Flint Igniter
It is designed for easy ignition starting powder is used.
And replaces the standard are an excellent fit for the job.33








Hard Wire Brush
It is used for cleaning the conductors before making the weld.








Mould Brush
It is recommended to safely cleaning the inner part of the mould
after every weld.









Mould Scrapers
its shape fits the crucible to easy remove the slag and to check
tap hole clearance after making every weld.