Solid Copper Earth Plate
Solid copper plates provide a long lasting earthing solution in places where driving earth rods might be impractical. They are often installed in conjunction with Low-Resistance Earthing Compound or Bentonite.
– solid copper earth plates offer a simple alternative style of earth electrode where high resistivity soil or rock conditions prohibit the driving of earth rods.

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Solid Copper Lattice Mats
Solid copper lattice mats offer a more economical cost option to installing solid copper plates. They are often used for potential grading and are a preferred option on installations such as telecommunication towers, where
touch and step potential could cause problems.
manufactured from high conductivity copper tape, lattice earth mats are design to minimize the danger of exposure it high step and touch voltages to operators in situations such as high voltage switching.

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PVC Earth Inspection Housing
Manufactured from high-performance, UV stable and chemically resistant polymer with either polymer or concrete lid to suit the application.
The lightweight inspection pit with polymer lid is load rated to 5,000 Kg and is suitable for general to heavy duty use. It has a lockable lid and improved working area compared to the concrete inspection pit. The lightweight inspection pit with concrete lid is load rated to 1,200 kg and is designed for use in pedestrianized and light vehicular areas. The lid can be locked in place, if required order 2 x AS100 Allen caphead screws.

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Concrete Earth Inspection Housing
The concrete earth inspection housing is load rated to 4,000 Kg and is suitable for most industrial applications. The housing can have an internal earth bar fitted diagonally across in slots provided in the base.

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Low Resistance earthing Compound
Low-resistance earthing compound is an electrically conductive aggregate. Our
advanced range of electrodes come with a compounds suitable for unique requirement30
of our customers these are considered to be the ideal back fill material filled for
an earthing system. On adding water, this compound is easily compacted and has the
capability of absorbing moisture up to thirteen times its dry volume.
It improves conductivity and having quality of long time capacity of retention or absorption of moisture, high conductivity and non corrosive.

– Does not dissolve in to soil or water
– Do not washes away with time
– Installed dry or can be mixed with water for the formation of slurry for vertical or horizontal applications


Bentonite is a moisture retaining clay used as an earth electrode back-fill to help lower
soil resistivity. The clay is a sodium activated montmorillonite, which when mixed with32
water swells to many times its original dry volume.
Bentonite can be supplied in granular or powder form. The granular form is easier to
handle as the powder can cause dust in windy conditions. Granular is the preferred
option for filling trenches as the substance can be mixed in the trench. Powder is the
preferred option for pouring into bore holes to ensure the mixture is a thin enough
consistency to reach the bottom of the hole.
The typical expansion ratio when mixed with water is 2:1.


Earth mat
These mats are used on top of finish level and directly below the operation’s normal34
standing postion for manually operating disconnect switches.